This is both cool and weird at the same time, and gives new meaning to the term “celebrity portrait.” Not to mention “selfie.”

Check out the one Bruno Mars just got for his 29th birthday (Oct. 8) from his manager, Shaun Hoffman: An actual oil-on-canvas painting of the sort you might find on a Downton Abbey-style castle wall.

Only instead of Lord So-and-So, it’s Bruno, his girlfriend, model Jessica Caban, and his Rottweiler, Geronimo.

Maybe it’s the next celebrity thing: Make yourself into lord of the manor by getting your portrait done in the style of a real painting by Nobilified, a website that promises to immortalize anyone’s selfie fantasies for an affordable price (starting at $199).

So far, Bruno is Nobilified’s first entertainment celeb portrait, but they’ve already done a clutch of portraits of players for the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nobilified works like this: Pick a painting on the site (say, Napoleon on horseback), upload your picture, specify details you want to add, and in a few weeks, your portrait is ready to be mailed to you, rolled up for protection.

By the way, Bruno’s portrait is based on the 1786 painting by Joseph Wright of Thomas Gisborne and his wife, Anne, an 18th-century English couple who would have been forgotten but for this painting, now in the Center for British Art at Yale.

One thing is clear: Jessica the model makes for a prettier sitter than Anne the country squire’s wife.


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August 22, 2017 by Angela D.