How it works - getting nobilified


1. Pick a painting

Choose a painting from out gallery. Don’t see what you like? Create your own!

2. Take a selfie

Grab your camera and take your best selfie. Add in friends or animals.

3. Get Painted

Sit back and let our artists nobilify you!

4. Hang it on the wall

Hang your masterpiece!


hang on wall - nobilified

 We are still getting many questions about whether or not it is still possible to receive a painting in time for Christmas. Unfortunately the cut off date for paintings to arrive in time for Christmas was November 10th this year. 

Gift cards can be ordered until the very last minute and the redemption code written in any card or email. Gift cards make for a perfect stocking stuffer or last minute gift. 


So just how easy is it for me to get nobilified? Start off by browsing our selection of paintings. Decide whether you are more Napoleon or Mona Lisa. Send us a good photo of yourself, if you don’t have any take a selfie.  Let us know whether you would like us to add anything else to your painting.  

After placing your order, your IDEA will be lined up with one of our classically trained artist and hand painted. As soon as the last stroke has been lifted, we will send you a photo of your brand new creation. Let us know what you think and whether you would like to make any changes.

Once you confirm that everything is great, we will send your new masterpiece your desired address, anywhere in the world. Did we mention shipping is included in all our prices. The entire process from order to receiving the painting at your door, takes a month give or take. Framed paintings take an additional 10-12 days. 

Start by browsing our diverse selection of available works. Not sure what to pick? Would you rather be a member of the haute bourgeoisie or a Japanese samurai?

Next, upload a clear photograph of your face. Please attempt to strike a pose for the photo. Trust us, it is worth the effort. Make the facial expression you want to be transcribed and be sure to take the photo from a similar angle as the face from the original painting or photograph. Inform us of details you would like incorporated such as sunglasses or a cigar. Our artists will incorporate your face based on the photograph you submitted. We automatically add on any hair or facial hair from your chosen work of art to your face. If you would like to keep your own hair or facial hair, please let us know.

If you would like to incorporate any extra features such as your pet then make sure to select the add feature selection and make a specify this in the note section when you check out. Also please upload a photograph of the feature. The more information we have, the better we can make sure your painting is as you want it to be. Be the first in your family lineage to get nobilified.

Once you have selected which painting you want to be nobilified into simply pick a size. Our paintings range from 40x50cm to 160x300cm. For our “mammoth” sized paintings, please make sure that your walls are large enough to handle the size of the canvas. Please keep in mind that sizes may vary slightly depending on the original dimensions of the painting.

Once you have selected and uploaded your photos to each of the paintings, click on checkout to go through to our simple and secure checkout. Just fill out your shipping and payment information, click submit and your job is done! We take care of the rest.

Once our artists finish your unique masterpiece, nobilified will email you a photograph of the finished work. Our orders usually arrive within less than thirty days depending on your location. Your canvas is rolled up and carefully packaged in order to protect it during its journey to you. Framed paintings take an additional 12-14 additional days due to framing and slowed shipping times. 

Our prices include free global shipping anywhere in the world. Yes, that includes shipping to Australia. We currently only ship framed and stretched paintings to the USA. Paintings shipped outside of the USA currently arrive as a rolled canvas. 

When you receive your painting, please send us a photo or a video of you with it. We love to see where our paintings end up. Click here to see where some paintings have ended up.