New Oil Painting Celebrates Bieber-Gomez Reunion, ‘American Gothic’ Style

New Oil Painting Celebrates Bieber-Gomez Reunion, ‘American Gothic’ Style


With Valentine’s Day shortly approaching, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reimagined as Grant Wood’s classical piece, ‘American Gothic’… with a twist.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get Nobilified

If you don’t want to buy the usual roses and chocolate for your s/o on Valentine’s Day, Nobilified has the creative idea just for you.


Excited by the renewed romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Nobilified turned the love birds into an instant classic. Nobilified is a company that specializes in customized hand-painted oil masterpieces such as the one depicting the pop music power couple.

Inspired by Grant Wood’s iconic work, the classically trained artists at Nobilified reimagined the piece featuring the “Despacito” and “Bad Liar” singers in simpler times. Interestingly enough, both Justin Bieber and the original farmer from ‘American Gothic’ enjoy sporting overalls -- reminding us of the time Justin met former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in 2012 to accept a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Justin Bieber and Stepher haper - bieber overalls

Founder of Nobilified, Chris Jensen, says, “Hockey means a lot to us Canadians, Justin included, and, because of that, we replaced the pitchfork with a good ole wooden hockey stick.” Indeed, ever since cancelling the rest of his Purpose tour, Justin has been playing a lot more hockey, even going to watch a game with Selena.

The painting features Selena’s new hairdo. Jensen says, “The world moves fast. We started the piece while Selena was a brunette, and, when we were close to finishing it, Selena was suddenly blonde. Who would we be, if we weren’t to give Selena’s new hairstyle—which took over nine hours to paint—the respect it deserves.”

Jensen says, “Paintings can last a lifetime. At Nobilified, we believe that Jelena can too.”






February 10, 2018 by Angela D.

Humorous Oil Paintings of Pets Make for Unforgettable Christmas Gifts

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Wedding Gift Ideas

With wedding season coming to an end, you are often confused what to give to newlyweds so they could live happily with your gift.  Don’t get them a toaster or a waffle maker. Chances are someone has already gotten them the unoriginal gift and you definitely do not want to be associated with unoriginality. The main problem is that you need to think carefully as this is the present they would cherish (or at least remember) throughout their lives. Cash is a good idea for young couples, but it’s definitely not as original as a custom oil portrait of the couple. So if you have no idea what to get for bride and groom to be, we’ve come up with 5 fantastic ideas to help you out and that they will surely appreciate!

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

Nobilified featured as CHRISTMAS gift of the season for 2015

With Christmas just around the corner stores around you have started Christmas jingles and christmas trees are popping up. It seems as if summer has just ended and you are now being reminded of your gift giving responsibilities.

If you are seeking to avoid the busy malls this year and enjoy your weekend at home with your family then perhaps a Nobilified painting is what you are looking for.

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

This is why Im broke – But I'm still noble

Even though we have no intention of stripping a nobleman of all his money, the awesome guys over at have found our Nobilified portraits worth emptying their wallets. is a website showcasing things so great that they are worth spending your last dime on them. The editors’ selection methods are simple, they claim to only present “unique products that our staff was so fond of, we felt it needed to be shared with our viewers.”

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

The Seahawks and Patriots of NFL Super Bowl XLIX Go Head-to-Head in Nobilified’s Stoic Portrait

Nobilified, a company that commissions hand-painted portraits of contemporary figures in historical paintings and unofficial art dealer of the NFL, has captured the likenesses of our favorite Super Bowl competitors.

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

The Flying Dutchman

Robin Van Persie has already left his imprints on the 2014 FIFA World Cup with an amazing diving header scoring in The Netherland’s opening match against Spain.

Our founder, Chris, decided to merge with the Flying Dutchman in a painting to support The Netherland team in their first knockout game against Mexico in the round of 16.

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

Snoop Dogg is Nobilified: Portraits of Snoop as European Noblemen as featured on

Nobilified’s custom oil portraits have hit Esquire magazine. In an article discussing our personalized paintings, Esquire takes a look at our interpretation of the King himself. 

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

Nobilified: The solution for office gift-giving

Gift giving and receiving is appreciated year round. Nobilified creates unique and memorable portraits that are sure to turn any colleague or client into a friend.

There are many occasions when a unique gift can cement a relationship or celebrate success and achievement.  For many in the business world the choice of corporate gifts is becoming much broader than the standard pens and watches.  A Nobilified portrait is a thoughtful, lasting and personal testimony which will be talked about long after it is presented. 

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.

Nobilified's team of artists will turn your picture into the oil painting of your choice

It's the gift for the person who has everything (except, possibly, good taste). Welcome to the world of Nobilified, the online service that allows you to upload a photograph and then see that picture turned into the oil painting of your choice. Mona Lisa, American Gothic, Holbein's Portrait of Henry VIII … all these and more are offered on the US company's website, and if none of those work for you, you can supply the painting of your choice to have hand-painted by Nobilified's team of 30 artists. Nobilified is the perfect way to create a portrait painting from photo.

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.