You can find the basic idea behind Nobilified explained in some surprising places. One of them is a classic book by political theorist Francis Fukuyama, who explained the paradoxical searchfor meaning when living in a prosperous, modern country this way:

" . . . the virtues and ambitions called forth by war are unlikely to find expression in liberal democracies. There will be plenty of metaphorical wars—corporate lawyers specializing in hostile takeovers who will think of themselves as sharks or gunslingers, and bond traders who imagine, as in Tom Wolfe's novel The Bonfire of the Vanities, that they are "masters of the universe." . . . But as they sink into the soft leather of their BMWs, they will know somewhere in the back of their minds that there have been real gunslingers and masters in the world . . ."

According to Fukuyama, this would drive people to seek out discomfort and sacrifice, to risk themselves in life or death endeavors, in order to prove to each other that they were truly free. And we have to admit that's an idea that could really resonate in the modern workplace, often the cockpit of the many companies who come together to make the economy work, a place where great things are often collectively achieved but where life can get to feel, from time to time, a little bit routine.

It makes sense, then, that companies love booking gifts of custom oil portraits through Nobilified. At its core, Nobilified is all about bridging the gap between the sublime--the faraway world of heroes, emperors and mythology, the glamorous world of classic pin-ups or luminous classical nudes--together with everyday life. There's something about the idea of putting your face on the body of a mighty Maharaja or the goddess Aphrodite that touches our collective funny-bone while also giving us a greater appreciation of art and the unexpected possibilities it can offer. Bismarck once called politics "the art of the possible," but it's through art that we imagine what is possible, and that's an exercise that can take use to wonderfully unexpected places.

In the bigger picture, Nobilified is a way to satisfy our craving for the out-of-the-ordinary without actually going out and risking life and limb--after all, there's plenty to be said for the peaceful, stable life--and while getting your own signature piece of art into the bargain. For companies giving gifts to their employees, it's a way of bridging that gap that's also personalized, repeatable (no two Nobilified custom oil portraits are likely to be the same) and affordable. Ouremployee engagement program has provided gifts and gift bundles for dozens of corporate clients as a result.

If you're looking for the perfect gift-giving idea for your workplace, Nobilified is a great place to start. Contact us today at to find out how.

September 26, 2019 by Acquire Agency Collaborator