Nobilified paintings pop up in videos quite often. Here are our favourites.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as American Gothic - Timelapse
The Living Room - photo to portrait on Australian TV
Ellen Degeneres
 City Line - Homeday part 1 
City Line - Homeday part 2 
Cian Twolmey - Snapchat
Logan Paul - Youtube
Logan Paul shows Alyssa Violet his "Creation of Logan" masterpiece
Logan Paul - Showing Evan their Bromance piece
Logan Paul - instagram moments
Logan Paul - Giving Evan Rolex
Logan Paul - Receiving Maverick masterpiece
Logan gives Evan a BIG surprise
Dwarf Mamba gets his painting framed - pt 1
Dwarf Mamba gets his painting framed - pt 2
Dwarf Mamba celebrates his birthday
Simple Pick Up - Youtube
Simple Pick Up - How to have the perfect first date - Youtube