Nobilified is here to revolutionize the art world! We believe that while not everyone may have the artistic skills required to paint a masterpiece, all of us possess an intuitively creative mind. At Nobilified, we transform all of your fantasies and dreams into actual works of art, which you can proudly display in your home, dorm, office, cabin, yacht, or even your swanky Chateau. Everyone has an artistic side, and everyone sees the world in their own unique way. We want this diversity to make an imprint on the course of art history by immortalizing your wildest dreams.


Your imagination is unlimited, free-flowing and interminable. Don't hesitate if your ideas are too wild or seem ridiculous, that is what we are here for; to transcribe your craziest dreams onto the canvas. Have you ever dreamed of being a member of the medieval aristocracy, a famous athlete or a powerful Greek god? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have a pet velociraptor, or even a wookie? Maybe you want to wrestle a bull with your rippling muscles or make friends with a yeti? If not, you may simply want to lead an army to battle, perched atop a fire breathing robot unicorn?

We made Nobilified for people like you and ourselves to explore our own creativity.

Your mind sets the limits - The possibilities are endless!


In addition to providing high quality oil paintings, we want to change the way people percieve art, by making it fun and accessible, thus giving them the opportunity to share or gift a unique custom made oil painting with friends and family. No longer will having a oil panting of yourself hanging above the chimney be out of your reach. This privilege used to be reserved for the upper tiers of society, but we now share it with all of you, even if you are not knighted. A unique, hand-painted, oil-on-canvas work of art will certainly add a touch of grandeur to your living quarters.


The ideal personalized gift, a custom oil painting allows you to immortalize every birthday, wedding or special occasion in a way that shows not only thoughtfulness, but also creativity and imagination. Remember, the world is at your fingertips and anything is permitted. What are you waiting for? Nobilify yourself, your family, friends and why not, even that boss of yours, you know, the one with the big ego.