Frequently Asked Questions

What currency does nobilified charge in?

All prices displayed on our website are in USD.   

Do ya ship to Australia mate?

Yes, the world wouldn't be a fair place if Australia couldn't receive these paintings. To keep things simple, our prices include shipping to any destination in the world. 

How long do paintings usually take to complete?

Paintings usually take anywhere between 14-20 days to complete depending on the size and level of detail. The larger and more detailed, the more time the entire process takes.

Are the paintings hand painted or printed?

All paintings are entirely hand painted using quality oil paints on canvas.

Is it possible to pay extra for quicker shipping?

Please plan ahead or let us know what day you require the painting by. We can speed up the shipment somewhat depending on circumstances. Shipping usually takes 5-7 days depending on delivery location. Shipping of stretched or framed paintings takes an additional 12-14 days. 

Can I add my pet in the paintings?

Of course, simply upload a clear photo of your pet during the order process and we will take care of incorporating him/her in the masterpiece. Remember you can incorporate more than just pets.

I want a specific painting but cannot find it in the sites selection?

Can’t find what you are looking forward, simply download the painting of your choice on the Internet and select the “create your own“ option in portraits.

Is it too late to order for Christmas?

As the years roll by, the busier we get during the Christmas. If you are planning on ordering a painting for the Christmas season, do not delay. Framed or rolled pieces ordered after the 10th of November are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.