Nobilified grew out of the simple idea most of us have asked ourselves while walking through an exhibit at the museum. What if I could replace my face with any of those of Napoleon, Mona Lisa or Zeus. What if there was a simple way to commission portraits of yourself or your friends as Royalty, Ninjas, Pin Ups, Cow boys,  greek gods, Pirates, Athletes or even just of yourself. 

We’ve all  had the idea pop through our mind whether it was just thinking about it or telling your friends that you would look great as Zeus.  We all have a friend who thinks they would look great as Zeus. Same as we all have a friend who sees herself as a modern day Audrey Hepburn. That’s where we come in, just think of the look on their faces as gift them a portrait of themselves as their idol. Where do you think they will hang it? 


Since our inception in 2013, we have painted all sorts of masterpieces both large and small for customers around the World. We’ve painted some ridiculous portraits over the years and are constantly amazed by the creativity of our customers.

The story started in 2009, way before Snapchat filters were even a thing as founder Chris Jensen attended his first year at University at UBC. After having decorated his dorm room with a few “original” choices from the overpriced university poster sale like the other freshmen, he was left with a desire for more. He wanted something more original, something which would better represent his personality; not the same poster that had been sold to a hundred other students the same day.

After having talked to many artists on campus it became clear that commissioning a portrait of himself even if just by a student would cost at least a thousand dollars, or in a student’s mind, three months worth of groceries. It was simply not financially viable. There had to be a better way to do decorate his dorm room than those over priced posters.


Since its inception, nobilified has gone on to decorate far more than simple dorm rooms. While we have done our fair share of dorm rooms, our paintings have in fact been commissions by customers from all walks of society, from the peasant to the proletariat working class up to the bourgeoisie, royal class, members of the clergy as well as businessmen and celebrities

Nobilified was born  with idea of revolutionizing the art world, bringing the classics to the 21st century.


It is firmly our belief that there should be no limit to what people are able to hang on their walls. With Nobilified you can become anyone and be anywhere, you just have to open your mind. 

Since setting out to change the landscape of modern art consumption, nobilified had created countless memories for thousands of customers around the world. We have put smiles on the faces of many and who knows, maybe some of these paintings will be passed inherited and passed down from generation to generation.

By Christmas of our first year, we had already been crowned as the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. 


Throughout the following year, We went on to decorate the Philadelphia eagles OLB meeting room and have since painted a few more NFL players in teams around the league. As players, have been traded from the team over the years, they have left with their painting as a memory of their time in Philly.                                                                                                                                                                   

During our first year we were commissioned to paint this music superstar's birthday present.

bruno mars - nobilified

As People Magazine put it, "Bruno Mars has made no secret of his desire to be a billionaire "so freakin' bad." And what does every self-respecting billionaire need? An oil painting with one's likeness, obviously!"

We have even been featured on Ellen Degeneres.  We hand painted  portraits of her as Joan of Arc as she is a strong woman and another as a golf pin up model as she loves playing golf. The only thing we forgot was that she wear two pairs of pants when she plays, in case she gets a hole in one.

Our pieces have trended on Vogue for this Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. Bouguereau inspired masterpiece celebrating their one week relationship.

 “Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you might be wondering what to buy your cat or your significant other. Would they want chocolate? A fancy dinner? A big ol’ teddy bear? Or, would you like to try to gift them something new and unique? You would? In that case, can we interest you in an oil painting of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles as Greek gods? Yes, really. It exists. And, down to the inclusion of Harry’s tattoos, it is glorious.“


If you want to watch all the video content we have been featured in, click here!

Nobilified is no stranger to VIPs although Interestingly enough it is with tech and large companies that Nobilified has experienced it’s greatest success.

Nobilified has become an integral part of employee satisfaction strategies for companies small and large around the world. Nobilified has worked with Yelp, Octopus investments, google, twitter, airbnb to fill up boardrooms and hallways with unique masterpieces that capture and celebrate those who have worked hard for the company. Nobilified has helped celebrate birthdays, weddings, milestones and achievements, competition winners, retirements and much more. To learn more about how nobilified can help your business, click here!

Curious about just what you can commission? The possibilities are endless. 

Nobilified has been featured in the press quite a bit, Nobilified has been covered in Italian, Brazilian, French, Arabic, Spanish even, Chinese and Japanese stories establishing a truly global brand.

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