Every company knows how important it is to keep a top salesperson or employee motivated and show them how much they are appreciated at work.  There is nothing that will surprise and delight them quite as much as a custom oil portrait of themselves that will then hang in halls of the office. When is the last time you gave someone a gift so epic that it nearly gave them a heart attack?   

Chris Jensen, founder of Nobilified, says “Employees expect plaques, pens. stars, gift cards, watches, and all of the other classics HR departments have used to incentivize employees. Believe me when I say that *no one* expects to receive a portrait of themselves as Napoleon or Gandhi”  but when it happens, it is magic and they parade that painting across the office for all to see. 


Personalized and Repeatable
Nobilified helps find a solution to providing real personal gifts that touch the heart in a streamlined manner. Our solution is repeatable without becoming boring; A different outcome each and every time. You or your employees pick who they want to be and we take care of the rest. You won’t have to worry about finding a repeatable gift that will continue to get employees excited each and every time; Nobilified helps you maintain the element of surprise keeping your “employee incentive program” fresh day in and day out.

Our paintings have been used in offices for a number of reasons:

  • Top salesperson of the month (repeatable)
  • Employees reaching 1-8 years of working with same company
  • Bug breaking competitions
  • Secret Santa
  • Team building portraits  (Why not celebrate the end of a long project with some paintings?)
  • Founders portraits (Why not hang a painting of your founders in the office)
  • Retirement gifts (Skip the watch, get with nobilified instead)
  • Departure gifts (Leave your old company? Why not commission a portrait of yourself and send it to your boss so he never forgets you)
  • Birthday! Why is it so hard to find a gift for a colleague of yours

Whatever you are celebrating,  nobilified is here to help.
It’s time to start loving your employees again Don’t waste another minute thinking of what to prepare for next month’s office party, do gifting the smart way.


All of our corporate customers are assigned a personal concierge/designer who will take care of recommending paintings,  sizes and most effective way of gifting answering any questions you may have.


So, what is Nobilified? Nobilified makes it easy to commission a hand painted oil painting that is unique and tailored to its recipients tastes or hobbies. Nobilified helps cut down the process of commissioning a portrait from days down to minutes.

The process is simple, simply select the painting or image of your choice, upload a clear selfie, and let us know whether you would prefer Louis XIV’s sweet wig, or whether you would rather Jim keep his own haircut. Check out using our secure system and wait patiently while our classically trained artist turns your idea, brush stroke by brush stroke in a masterpiece.

We then send you a photo of the painting before shipping to ensure satisfaction. Pets can be added to the portrait as well,
as can children. For someone who is shy or does not like emphasis placed on themselves, customers can create a portrait of the recipient’s pets and or children, without the person, themselves.


No more pens, cufflinks, watches or gift cards. Nobilified is the most ridiculous, unique gift. Build teamwork in your office by introducing Nobilified. Companies such as Yelp, Tap Commerce and Massive Music as well as the NFL team The Philadelphia Eagles have used Nobilified in order to motivate and thank their troops. Whether you’re a small company or large one, we want to give you a truly unique VIP experience. Contact us for more information regarding prices and packages.

What can Nobilified do for you?
Our founder and CEO will take care of your every need. Message us  at chris@nobilified.com.