Mastering the art is not an easy skill that everyone has the time or patience to get right. Here are 3 quick tips on what we like to see in your photos. The right photo can help speed up the process and make it easier for our artists to make your painting legendary.

 take selfie - nobilified

Selfies are an integral part of what we do at Nobilified. The first question of “Where can I get a painting of myself?” is soon followed by how can I take the perfect photo of myself. Even though selfies have been around for 5 or so years, some people still have a little difficulty taking that perfect shot.

Everybody’s doing it: from regular people and film stars to TV presenters and even politicians – everyone likes to see a nice picture of themselves! But taking a great selfie is not that easy, and there are a few things you should know when creating a perfect selfie picture. That’s why we gathered a couple of rules you need to follow to make a great selfie of yourself

Good angle is crucial!

Before you take a selfie, turn on the camera and check your best angle; you can even take a few photos and look at the pictures to decide (is it your left side or maybe your profile etc). The good idea is to keep your camera a bit higher as from above your face looks slimmer and from a lower angle you may get a double chin. Additionally focus the camera on your face and tilt your head not to make your neck look too thick. Make sure to take the selfie from a similar angle as the painting of your choice. Having the perfect personalized painting usually starts with the perfect photo and angles are everything.

Show off!

Take a selfie of your new haircut, new necklace and we will make sure to have it painted into your painting. Do you want to show off your new piercing or tattoo? Napoleon might not have had a tattoo, but he could have. The Mona Lisa didn’t have a nose piercing, but she could have. 

Expression, expression, expression!

Smiling is always a good idea, but you can also try surprised look or looking the other way. Of course, the more natural your look is, the better the photo will be. Furthermore, remember to keep your arm further away because close up selfies just don’t look that great. Do you want to have a cheeky smile or a serious face? Make our artists lives easier and pose for the painting. 

Getting a painting of yourself has never been easier.