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"Nobilified's team of artists will turn your picture into the oil painting of your choice." The Independent
"Now you too can enjoy the spoils of fame and have your face dropped onto an old world portrait of a king, queen, emperor, clergyman, knight, solider, or naked lady." Dude I Want That
"Nobilified have got their graft down to a T. Their paintings are cheap, funny, and grant the average person the chance to observe themselves in a flattering guise." The Nouse
"Bruno Mars has made no secret of his desire to be a billionaire “so freakin’ bad.” And what does every self-respecting billionaire need? An oil painting with one’s likeness, obviously!" People
"You can choose from a myriad of iconic paintings of European nobility to serve as your avatar -- you'll feel like Lord Grantham every time you enter the living room." HGTV
"A self portrait as a king, knight or member of the Stark family from Game of Thrones hanging on a wall is an automatic talking point."  Bro Bible
 "Lebron James has been inserted in Napoleon I in Coronation Robes by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy Trioson, with the regal orb fittingly replaced by a basketball." Sports Illustrated
"Meet the artist who paints for Wall Street’s elite." New York Post
"Je eigen hoofd op een beroemd schilderij." Want NL
"Barwin channeled his inner Rembrandt and metamorphosed the profiles of Eagles' linebackers into immaculate aristorcratic portraits."
"With the personalized noble painting you can immortalize yourself like royalty." This Is Why I'm Broke
"So, question: What do you get Bruno Mars for his birthday, when he already has an adorable dog, a gorgeous girlfriend and a perfect head of hair?" MTV
"Take for instance – it's a website that lets you put your mugshot into a musty old school portrait. Genius. It's Art, but also advertising for our ever burgeoning egos. The "hook" is offering something old to our new on-demand needs." Dryuff
"Maybe it's the next celebrity thing: Make yourself into lord of the manor by getting your portrait done in the style of a real painting by Nobilified." USA TODAY
"Immortalize your father in the form of a personalized portrait painting. Your dad’s fireplace is going to look a hell of a lot classier with his handsome mug hanging above it." Gift Ideas Dad
"Posso così vedere i ritratti degli antenati, dei parenti più prossimi e anche i primi quadri di chi vive li attualmente, un privilegio più unico che raro e che gli invidio tantissimo." Dottor Gadget IT
"I've got to say this is one of the best paintings of myself as Joan of Arc that I've ever seen. The castle is a little smaller than my house, but that's ok." Ellen Degeneres
"Nobilified itself seems to have quite a noble mission: to democratize art and bring it to the masses." Hyper Allergic
"Where the art is hanging in Snoop's mansion we cannot say, but we like to imagine it in the entranceway, greeting all who pass through." Esquire
"A site called Nobilified took classic paintings and plugged in players from both teams, the Seahawks and the New England Patriots, competing in tomorrow's Super Bowl." Complex
"Bro Changes Tinder Profile Pic To Portrait Of Infamous Dictator And His Matches EXPLODE." Bro Bible
"Nobilified, a company that does custom oil paintings that imagine you or a loved one in a famous painting or as a historical figure like Napoleon." Salon
"What do you get for that friend who’s always cracking jokes? Something sweet and serious, or a gag gift that will show your own humorous side?" Denver Life Magazine
"Le principe est très simple : on s’inscrit, on sélectionne la peinture qui fait vibrer notre coeur, on télécharge sa photo, on ajoute des directions artistiques primordiales telles que « je veux que mon cheval soit en strass et joue de la guitare », on choisit la taille de la peinture qu’on voudra recevoir et on paye!" CLIQUE TV
"No século passado, as pessoas pertencentes a nobreza europeia tinham como costume possuir retratos delas mesmas em poses elegantes." OTempo
"O serviço foi feito com o Nobilified, que transforma suas fotos ordinárias em verdadeiros retratos renascentistas. Basta ao interessado, enviar uma foto e pagar o valor." VIP BR
 "A classically trained artist hopes to raise funds for a charity supporting Syrian refugees by selling a painting of controversial celebrity Katie Hopkins." Huffington Post
"You Can't Unsee This Oil Painting of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles as Greek Gods." Teen Vogue
"Harry has been represented as a tattooed version of Cupid, God of Desire, while Kendall is Psyche, a mortal woman who becomes a goddess when she marries Cupid." Metro UK
"It’s a battle between heroes and villains. A clash of titans and gods. A tale of men and monsters. Super Bowl 50 may very well carry the overtones of a Greek epic or comic book movie. And to celebrate, Nobilified, has created portraits that illustrate the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos as Greek gods and superheroes." Charlotte Observer
"It may take a true art historian to fully analyze this masterwork. But for now, we are content having this strange, majestic, and wholly surreal painting emblazoned in our mind forever. Art is pretty amazing." NYLON
"Marvel at This Renaissance-Style Nude Painting of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. It's really something!" Cosmopolitan
"Det är företaget Nobilified som står bakom målningen och de har som idé att måla av vem som helst, känd eller okänd, i typiska renässansmålningar. Så coolt!"
"La pintura fue encargada por Nobilified, una empresa que crea retratos personalizados, y fue descubierta por Teen Vogue."  E Entertainment Tonight
"ロンドンで美女と遊んでいたジャスティン、ソフィアの誕生日前に帰国して彼女と再会Front Row Japan
"What animal wouldn't want to be immortalized as their royal alter ego?! Well with Nobilified, we can be! This is something every animal-lover needs on their wall." Pop Sugar
"There’s a new FUNNY and very ENTERTAINING website called Nobilified which allows you to get your portrait painted in the style of the Old Masters." Fine Art For All
"Do you have an amazing group of employees that you want to reward, but you aren’t sure how? Fear not! You can now follow in the footsteps of tech giants, like Yelp and Twitter, and reward your hard workers with Renaissance-style oil paintings!" HR Daily Advisor
"Contrary to what our parents told all of us the entire time we were growing up, we’re not all little princes and princesses. But don’t let the fact that there isn’t noble blood running through those veins dissuade you from getting a sweet oil portrait of yourself commissioned through Nobilified."  Cool Material
"Nobilified displays art in which a buyer's face is custom-painted onto classic and modern work."  Times Colonist
"The picture came from a business called Nobilified, which specializes in such art-historical bodysnatching." Apollo - The International Art Magazine
"Father's day is around the corner and we've got the perfect gift for the man in your life." Boca Raton Observer
"There are plenty of depictions online of Trump as Napoleon—which is fitting, since some of his supporters refer to him as “God Emperor Trump.” No one has requested portraits of Trump dressed as Napoleon, Cormier-Jensen says, “but we’ve had people commission portraits of their friends as Trump.” Newsweek


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Nobilified lets you have anyone’s face uniquely hand painted into a variety of classical and modern artwork. A most pure form of self-expression in one of the most pure forms of art. This is your world, who will you be?

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