It can be argued that there's maybe no age group that benefits more from early exposure to art--appreciating it, talking about it, being inspired to imagine the unfamiliar and to feel wonder, joy or laughter through looking at it--than children. As British artist Patrick Brill puts it in a recent editorial, "the whole world is an art school—we just need to engage with it in a creative way." Having that kind of creative engagement early can help prepare children for the world and foster skills and ways of thinking that they'll need growing up, as arts and textiles teacher Andria Zafirakou points out: "There are so many reports about the skills required for jobs of the future, in the age of technology, and there's not one report where I've not heard that creativity is the key skill employers are seeking."

One great way to get kids interested in art early is to get them involved directly, both in making art and in being made to feel a part of it: to see how it's relevant to them. This, we humbly submit, is exactly where Nobilified's custom oil portraits for children can come in. We hope it doesn't sound too grandiose to say it, but in our own small way, Nobilified hopes to be a part of your child's journey to art appreciation.

The Nobilified process is almost deceptively simple, but from the simplicity of the concept comes a rich source of personalized artistic gifts that children love. You can cast your child in one of many famous paintings of children by uploading a picture of them and letting us know which artistic classic you'd like them to "star" in. Better yet, if they're old enough, you can get them involved in making these choices and invested in the results. The talented artists of Nobilified will do the rest, creating a personalized painting that puts your children right in the frame in a way that's guaranteed to delight them.

Alternatively, if you'd rather have a direct photo to painting service that transforms an existing photograph of your child into a masterpiece on canvas, our artists can do that, too. In either case, the final product will be a high-quality painting that not only beautifies your home, but that also provides a starting-point for showing your child how art can touch and enrich their lives, to get them talking about and excited by it.

It's well worth doing, and we think you and your children will thoroughly enjoy the results. Contact Nobilified at today and find out how you can get started.

October 02, 2019 by Acquire Agency Collaborator