A landscape painting is essentially emotional in origin. It exists as a record of an effect in nature whose splendour has moved a human heart, and according as it is well or ill done it moves the hearts of others.

- Walter J. Phillips

Landscape paintings are one of the mainstays of art in homes, museums and galleries around the world. There's something captivating and satisfying about this artistic genre: the rich variety it offers and the way it can brighten any room is hard to match. It brings a piece of nature into our living spaces while adding visual interest to the walls of our homes—and the variety of colors landscapes can offer make it more than possible to find examples that will blend harmoniously with almost any choice of décor—and it can promote soothing and positive feelings or rouse our sense of wonder. Landscapes can inspire our inner traveler, too: a picture of a beautiful, exotic bucket-list destination can lift our spirits until the time comes when that dream vacation is actually possible.

Artists often love working on landscapes just as much as the rest of us enjoy looking at them, and for many similar, or related, reasons. There's a satisfaction in working on images that have a noted emotional connection with the viewer, putting them in touch with feelings, memories and aspirations. They provide painters with an unparalleled means of exploring colors, learning new things with each outing about the interplay of nature's seemingly endless color palette with shifting sources of light. Painting landscapes challenges them to appreciate the natural world more fully, looking in closer detail at what makes up the world around them.

In offering all these boons to the painter and the viewer alike, it's no surprise that the landscape painting tradition is a long legacy in art that embraces masterpieces by some of history's most famous painters. And if you want to get a piece of that great tradition for your own home, then Nobilified offers a painless route to getting replica painting of wonderful landscapes by some of the world's finest artists on the walls of your home.

Nobilified's replica painting program is for all those seeking to commission a simple replica of an original masterpiece. If you've always wanted a Monet but would rather have a custom-painted replica on canvas than a print or a poster, this is the solution you've been looking for. All you need to do is contact us with the full name of the piece and the original artist and upload a reference image if you have one available. We'll take care of the rest.

Contact us today to get started at support@nobilified.com. Let us help you explore the right combination of landscape inspiration and artistic expertise to truly inspire you.

September 04, 2019 by Acquire Agency Collaborator