Your freshman college dorm room can be a true home away from home with the right decor. Here are a few tips to think about when you're planning how to make your learning space a living space, too.

Pick a Color Scheme

Color really can make a world of difference in making a space feel welcoming and relaxing. The Internet overflows with design tips for picking color palettes, and it's worth checking those out, but the most basic thing is to pick colors that please your eye and fit your personality. It's you that's going to have to spend the most time in your space, after all.

A Rug Can Really Tie the Room Together

As a very wise man known as The Dude once said, "That rug really tied the room together."Floor coverings can come together with items like accent pillows and curtains to unify your room's look. They also serve the practical purpose of keeping your feet from getting frozen on a bare floor if temperatures dip.

Seeing the Light

Some extra lighting can do a lot to shape the character of your space. Christmas lights can be useful in all sorts of ways for providing a pleasant, warming touch or generating a particular mood.

Picking the Right Wall Art

Finally, you definitely don't want your walls to be bare. This is where Nobilified can come to the rescue, providing hand-painted wall art with character and quality. You can choose the whimsical touch and get the true Nobilified treatment -- a heroic portrait of yourself or a friend depicted as heroes, royalty or glamorous icons of pop culture -- or you can use our photo to painting service to get a custom oil painting version of a favorite photographed moment from your collection. You can even get a hand-painted replica of a famous classic artwork, or customize your own heroic Nobilified portraits if you're looking for elements from beyond our gallery. The options are endless.

Whatever route you choose, the talented artists of Nobilified will be standing by to make your vision a reality. The process is simple: for a Nobilified portrait with a famous figure bearing your face, you just need to upload a selfie, pick the portrait you want used as a base, and let us do the rest. Our other services are just as easy to use, and all of them can be a route to fabulous wall art for your dorm room.

To find the perfect wall art for your dorm, contact Nobilified today at and find out how we can bring art with a sense of fun, vibrancy and character to your college residence.

September 01, 2019 by Acquire Agency Collaborator