While Nobilified strives to deliver original and interesting content to our clientele, we also realize that the art of replica and reproduction itsef has a long and, well, noble tradition. There are several good reasons to own a custom replica of a classic piece of art through our replica painting program:

  • Hanging a replica on your wall at home doesn't mean you're trying to fool anyone into thinking you own an original Van Gogh. It simply means you have enough appreciation for the beauty of the image to want to own a version of it that uses the best possible materials and reproduces the artistry of the original as closely as possible.
  • A well-made replica is the next best thing to owning an original in other ways, too. With a replica executed to high quality standards, it's possible to get a tactile, up-close impression of the techniques the artist used, right down to the individual brush-stroke. That's something you simply can't get from a print.
  • A custom replica painting from Nobilified will far outlast a poster. No matter how well-made or printed, posters will rip, fade and age visibly over a relatively short span of time. On the other hand, a well-made reproduction using canvas and oil paints will last much longer, possibly long enough to become a family heirloom.

Once you've decided on purchasing a replica to decorate your home, the next step is to decide exactly what style of painting you want. This is a decision that ultimately only you can make, guided by your own taste and the needs of your home, but there are some excellent guides available online that help you track down the kind of imagery that will inspire you. The Art Story's Modern Movements and Styles guide provides astonishingly comprehensive coverage of modern and contemporary painting styles, for example, and you can find a large gallery of Renaissance art images in Artsy's Reinassance Art gallery online. A little time and Google-fu can guide you to many more visual riches besides.

If you've found the piece and artist you want, the process of commissioning your replica is simple. Just log on to Nobilified, go to our replica painting program page and enter the name of the work and the artist you're looking for. If you've been able to capture sample images for the artist, upload them, too. The gifted artists of Nobilified will do the rest.

Contact Nobilified today at support@nobilified.com to commission the replica painting that completes your art collection at home.

October 30, 2019 by Acquire Agency Collaborator