Nobilified started with a very simple premise. What if we could take a selfie and have it hand painted into a classical oil portrait. Doing so has never been so simple. We wanted to give our customers some some tips on taking the perfect Nobilified selfie.


1.     Before taking your selfie, select the painting of your choice. This is important as it will dictate at what height and angle you should take the photo for best results.

2.     Once the painting has been selected, identify the angle which the face appears. If the face in the painting is slightly tilted to the left, tilt your face to the left and take the selfie. We want the portraits to look as natural as possible.

3.     Take the selfie!  Actually take multiple and select the best couple. It is always better to upload more photos and let us do the sorting. Remember, if you want a serious face, make a serious face; if you want to make a funny face, make it good.

4.     The rest is simple, upload your best selfie, let us know whether you would like to adopt the original paintings hairstyle or keep your own and we take care of the rest.

5.     MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Once you receive your portrait, make sure to frame it and put it on your wall. You must now take a selfie or pose for a photo with your new work of art and tag us @nobilified. Every month we will select the best customer photo and commission him/her a ridiculous new portrait.

Never has commissioning your own personalized portrait ever been so easy and straightforward!

Get your portrait painted on a Emperor Kanxi today.

Nobilified is the confidence of knowing that if you visit a museum and see a painting that really speaks to you, that you can take a selfie and commission your very own masterpiece. 

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.