Being a wage slave can be quite difficult. You may be living your dreams or may have given up on them while working near that leafy green plant that seems to simply never die no matter what you seem to pour in it. Maybe they switch it out without you noticing like your neighbours goldfish. If you often work long hours and go home late, why not bring home to your work? Portraits of your pets and family members can help turn even the coldest areas into a more heartwarming place. Place a painting of yourself directly behind you so that while you don’t have to look at yourself all day, your coworkers will have to. Put another painting on the wall on your side and another near the office coffee machine so people won’t need to constantly ask how your daughter is doing. In this way, you will personalize your space with faces that you love cheering both yourself and your office up! Bring a sense of nobility back to the office and remind yourself why you work so hard. 

Just have a look at what Russian Zenit soccer team did on one of their days off!

Commissioning a hand painted portrait of yourself as royalty has never been easier. Get a painting of yourself today!

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.