After over 3 years ago, we launched nobilified 2.0 Today as we launch 3.0 we wanted to preserve this memory. Our goals are still the same. Revolutionize the art world, one painting at a time. We are excited to see how nobilified 3.0 can help us achieve this goal. 



Original blog post - February 2014

Today we are super excited to launch a completely redesigned website for both desktop and mobile users. We have over the past months worked hard to reimagine our visitor’s experience in a way that will support our fast growth. Below we will take you through some of the design features that now define Nobilified.


As Nobilified is becoming a more recognized brand by the day, we wanted to add a noble touch to our logo. By adding a king that is being painted we aim to both show what we do and bring some personality to the logo.

Placing our king in a baroque style frame enhances the nobility as well as further exemplifies that we are selling paintings. The frame may also give connotations to large golden mirrors.That kind of mirrors that just by their appearance makes anyone feel noble when seeing their own reflection.

We chose to keep the elements within the logo quite minimalistic to reflect our visual concept for the rest of the website, as well our other communication channels. Our overall expression is simple; we want the main focus to remain on the masterpieces we make for you.

Previously our color palette has consisted of black and white. With a whole range of new design features on the page, we found it necessary to add another color. After testing various combinations, our choice was easy to make. The deep red color that now colorizes our logo and other elements has a powerful weight to it. On some buttons we have chosen to use a royal blue color. This to signal the progress the action of pressing the button causes. It takes you one step closer to royalty.


As mentioned above, the main focus should always be on the fantastic works of art. We have increased the size of the paintings both in the catalogue, the product view page and on our examples. This makes it easier for you as a visitor to browse our categories of paintings and to see our example paintings.

As art lovers, we love detail and will continue to improve the resolutions of all the paintings we feature.

We know that very many of you are now using mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers to visit our website. We want your user experience to be great, regardless of which device you use. Therefore we have built our new website completely responsive to your screen size.

If you are logged in you can easily browse for paintings on your mobile phone and put your favorite in the shopping cart, then later upload a photo of your face from a computer and even switch to your tablet to checkout.


With the major facelift and many new features to our website it is important for us to know what you think. If you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email or a message on facebook!


August 22, 2017 by Christoffer Cormier Jensen