New Oil Painting Celebrates Bieber-Gomez Reunion, ‘American Gothic’ Style


With Valentine’s Day shortly approaching, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reimagined as Grant Wood’s classical piece, ‘American Gothic’… with a twist.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get Nobilified

If you don’t want to buy the usual roses and chocolate for your s/o on Valentine’s Day, Nobilified has the creative idea just for you.


Excited by the renewed romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Nobilified turned the love birds into an instant classic. Nobilified is a company that specializes in customized hand-painted oil masterpieces such as the one depicting the pop music power couple.

Inspired by Grant Wood’s iconic work, the classically trained artists at Nobilified reimagined the piece featuring the “Despacito” and “Bad Liar” singers in simpler times. Interestingly enough, both Justin Bieber and the original farmer from ‘American Gothic’ enjoy sporting overalls -- reminding us of the time Justin met former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in 2012 to accept a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Justin Bieber and Stepher haper - bieber overalls

Founder of Nobilified, Chris Jensen, says, “Hockey means a lot to us Canadians, Justin included, and, because of that, we replaced the pitchfork with a good ole wooden hockey stick.” Indeed, ever since cancelling the rest of his Purpose tour, Justin has been playing a lot more hockey, even going to watch a game with Selena.

The painting features Selena’s new hairdo. Jensen says, “The world moves fast. We started the piece while Selena was a brunette, and, when we were close to finishing it, Selena was suddenly blonde. Who would we be, if we weren’t to give Selena’s new hairstyle—which took over nine hours to paint—the respect it deserves.”

Jensen says, “Paintings can last a lifetime. At Nobilified, we believe that Jelena can too.”






February 10, 2018 by Angela D.