Nobilified, a company that commissions oil-painted portraits, is the answer to impressing your co-workers with a personalized gift any time of the year.


Gift giving and receiving is appreciated year round. Nobilified creates unique and memorable portraits that are sure to turn any colleague or client into a friend.

There are many occasions when a unique gift can cement a relationship or celebrate success and achievement.  For many in the business world the choice of corporate gifts is becoming much broader than the standard pens and watches.  A Nobilified portrait is a thoughtful, lasting and personal testimony which will be talked about long after it is presented. 

Corporate gifts are an excellent opportunity to stand out and build memories. Giving clients or co-workers, a portrait commissioned by Nobilified is a sure way to keep you on their minds. The recipe for gift giving success is finding a high quality gift with a custom focus on the recipient. “Giving someone a hand-painted portrait of themselves doing something legendary is a great way to boost one’s ego and confidence,” Nobilified’s founder Chris explains.  Yelp, the on-line review company uses Nobilified portraits in order to incentivize and recognize their top sales leaders of the month. It is an effective strategy as the portraits are an excellent way of motivating everyone on the team.  Just recently, comedian Ellen Degeneres presented two portraits of herself on her show. The Christmas gifts which depicted her  Joan D’Arc and as a sixties golf pin up model were selected among thousands of others as she proudly proclaimed that it was “One of the best paintings of me as Joan of Arc that I have ever seen.  Really amazing, very impressive.”

Whether it is to encourage your troops or being remembered, Nobilified’s paintings should be a key tool in your gift-giving strategy.  In addition to incentivized gifts, Chris, Nobilified’s founder, stresses that, “Giving a gift at an unexpected time is the best way to make an impact. Forget about Christmas and other commercial holidays; it is always more effective to catch people by surprise.” Whether to celebrate a new venture or achievement, business leaders are looking for ways to build relationships with clients and staff. Nobilified offers an effective solution to get remembered. The true gift giving champions understand that presents given at an unexpected time can have a more profound personal impact on relationships. Introducing these hand painted oil portraits to the workplace will build teamwork within any company large or small. Nobilified will turn each customer’s and receiver’s unique dreams into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is sure to impress.  



August 22, 2017 by Angela D.