Nobilified’s custom oil portraits have hit Esquire magazine. In an article discussing our personalized paintings, Esquire takes a look at our interpretation of the King himself. 



Snoop Dogg is something like American royalty at this point. (When you see him show up in this weekend's ​Straight Outta Compton ​biopic, you might fall out of your seat.) He was one of the first true crossover successes ​in hip-hop, and he is basically the spokesman of weed in California. So it's fitting that the rapper has recently acquired* two paintings of himself as old European nobility. The portraits were made by Nobilified, a service that will take your likeness and put it in an image of an icon from art history. Snoop Dogg is seen below as Cesare Borgia (1475-1507)​, the Italian duke and powerful military commander, and Archduke Leopold Wilhelm​ (1614-1662), an Austrian military commander. Where the art is hanging in Snoop's mansion we cannot say, but we like to imagine it in the entranceway, greeting all who pass through.


The concept of putting unlikely faces into portraits of European nobility is not completely new, however nobilified has revolutionized how we create art. To read more about our famous painted portraits, check out the link below.

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.