Nobilified, a company that commissions hand-painted portraits of contemporary figures in historical paintings and unofficial art dealer of the NFL, has captured the likenesses of our favorite Super Bowl competitors.


With the Super Bowl only days away, football fans everywhere are gearing up for the big game. It’s a battle of East coast versus West coast as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks prepare to take the field. Fans across the nation are making their predictions, displaying their team’s colors proudly. Nobilified has taken the great American battle for the Super Bowl title and immortalized its favorite players into the scenes of classical portraits.

Chris Jensen, international art dealer of Nobilified, has turned Seahawks Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Jermaine Kearse and Patriots Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski into mythological characters and figures of nobility. The Brady and Gronkowski paintings depict the iconic sports heroes overcoming their flying foes and the Seattle portraits show their players as conquerors of the air and sea.

With Russell Wilson cleverly painted into the scene of Portrait of an Ideal Spanish King and Tom Brady in Prometheus, we will learn which noble quarterback will come out on top. After Sunday’s game, these remarkable paintings will be updated with the addition of the Super Bowl cup and rings for the champions and sent to their respective teams.

Nobilified paintings have become a favorite of NFL athletes, CEOs, and some of pop culture’s biggest names such as Ellen DeGeneres, Bruno Mars and many more. Nobilified has already been featured in sports media including Sports Illustrated,, FOX Sports, and USA Today. Chris Jensen and his team take the customer’s wildest dreams and creates a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted works of art. Nobilified not only transforms celebrities into royalty, but can also add a touch of grandeur to our lives and living quarters. 


August 22, 2017 by Angela D.