Treat Yourself Royally! Part Three: Royal Tots - Commission hand painted portrait of your children

This is the third in a three-part series featuring our Royalty portraits, on occasion of the upcoming Royal wedding in Britain on May 19th. This week, we revisit some truly epic stories in the annals of royalty.

The tiniest player in the current feast of royal wedding pageantry is little Louis Arthur Charles, who has been big news since his name was bestowed on him only a few days ago and who is now the subject of multiple viral stories already. (One of the funniest has since the Harry Potter fansite Pottermore lay claim to him as being "named after" a trio of iconic Weasleys from the universe of the Harry Potter novels.) Little Louis is also a timely reminder of a fine tradition of childrens' royal portraiture which is a vital part of the custom painting galleries of Nobilified. Here, we look at a few favourites.

Infanta Margarita Teresa of Spain was spared the health curses of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty when she was born in the mid-17th century. She was known to her family and their friends as the "little angel," and carried a panoply of titles by the time of her untimely death from childbirth in her early twenties. Her portrait here is considered a masterwork in the career of the painter, and it's easy to understand why, because it conveys the charm that gave her that famous nickname perfectly.

Her brother, Prince Balthazar Carlos, was not so lucky in the health department and unfortunately lived an even shorter life, but you would never know it to look at the famous equestrian portrait by the master Spanish portrait artist Velazquez. Just to see this dynamic portrait makes it easy to imagine it as a showcase for the little hero in one's own life; an idea made possible by Nobilified's custom paintings from photos.

The grand Bourbon dynasty of France had no shortage of princes named Louis, speaking of that name, but probably not many portraits of them more charming than this one, where the liveliness of the subject reaches right out from the canvas and grips the viewer. This classic, painted in 1845 by Franz Xavier Winterhalter, graced the Chateau de Versailles in its original form. Thanks to Nobilified, it could feature your child's face and hang on your wall today, using our unique custom painting from photo process.

To get your child's face on a royal portrait like these, all you need to do is pick one of these portraits or many like them and send as a photo. Our professional painters will make you a customized oil painting from that picture that your family can enjoy as its own work of royal art! It's a great season to treat the whole family royally.