With wedding season coming to an end, you are often confused what to give to newlyweds so they could live happily with your gift.  Don’t get them a toaster or a waffle maker. Chances are someone has already gotten them the unoriginal gift and you definitely do not want to be associated with unoriginality. The main problem is that you need to think carefully as this is the present they would cherish (or at least remember) throughout their lives. Cash is a good idea for young couples, but it’s definitely not as original as a custom oil portrait of the couple. So if you have no idea what to get for bride and groom to be, we’ve come up with 5 fantastic ideas to help you out and that they will surely appreciate!

Our cheap painting portraits are a budget friendly and effective gift that you can give to your close friends. There is no better feeling than being the best man of a wedding and presenting the bride and groom with a nude portrait of the couple in front of all of their closest friends and relatives. Commission a portrait for your friends today! Plan early enough in order to have time to get it framed for that additional WOW factor. 

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.