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Let's talk about a slightly different artistic tradition than the ones we normally see here at Nobilified, a tradition that nevertheless has plenty to teach us about the power of art. Let's talk about the written word, and in particular about two young heroes of the pulp adventure universe: Tom Swift and Nancy Drew.

There's a good chance you know someone, or even are someone, who read voraciously about the adventures of Tom Swift in their younger years, each of them featuring a new invention and a new exotic destination. Or perhaps they thrilled to the cases of Nancy Drew, a fearless girl who took on the most dangerous mysteries her home town could offer and prevailed through guts, cleverness and rational thinking. These stories may or may not have made their way onto our bookshelves as adults, unless we held onto them for the next generation to read, but their inspiring visions influenced many of the people who read them.

Within those pages was a young hero who was in many respects just like us, facing the same problems, who nevertheless did extraordinary things and faced down challenges that would be daunting to people twice their age. Books, much like a great deal of art in visual media, had the power to inspire.

Painting, of course, has that same power a thousand-fold, which is one of the things that makes a great painting so important to the human spirit. Imagine being a child who gets to see their very own face on a beautifully-painted image of an astronaut or a sports idol... and then imagine no more, because this can be a reality with your own custom children's portrait from Nobilified.

It all starts with your idea. All you need to do is browse and pick a portrait from our online galleries filled with beautiful paintings of children, and upload your chosen photo of your son or grandson, niece or nephew. Soon you'll have a hand painted custom keepsake of your little hero perfect for your wall at home.