Nobilified Brands

Politikats – Politically inclined cat scratching posts
At Nobilified, we love art. We also love politics. To celebrate our love of both and to disrupt the industry responsible for the “toilet paper roll like” cat scratching posts that we sometimes see at our friends homes today, we created Politikats. Ever wonder what it would be like for Mr. Kittens to take on Trump or Putin? Wonder no more, check out In nobilified spirit, create your own head to top the scratching post.

Jensen creatives
At nobilified, we do all of our 2D animations in house. We love making videos for ourself but creating videos with others gets our creatives juices flowing. We can only create so many videos for our own consumption. If you are looking for creative 2D infographic videos for your website, your next presentation or internally for your company, check out