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Humans had animal friends and companions long before we ever built cities, temples and shopping malls. Some of those relationships ran so deep as to give birth to myths and legends from prehistoric times into the modern era.

King Arthur's favourite hound, for instance, was named Cavall: a mighty hunter credited in some tales with the slaying of a mythic boar and associated with the legend of a magical stone that bore the print of his paw. Ancient Egypt and Hindu cultures both featured feline deities and avatars. Greek mythology features immortal steeds like Phaethon, Sterope and of course Pegasus. In almost every time and place, the human story is profoundly tied to our relationship with animals.

They don't all have to be mythic and heroic to play a key role in our lives. There's an old adage that calls dogs "man's best friend," and if you've ever been lucky enough to have a special dog, then you know how true it is. Cats and horses likewise play a role in enriching the lives of their human friends and even prolonging our lifespans. Given all they do for us, it's the least we can do to commemorate them in our art.

Celebrate your favourite four-legged friend with pet portrait paintings from Nobilified. Our galleries feature dog portraits of the Alberian Husky, Maltese, Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, Boxer, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Gold Retriever, Greyhound and King Charles Spaniel breeds just to name a few. We also have cat and kitten paintings, paintings of horses, and overall a plethora of ways to immortalize your pet on canvas. Just send us a photo of your pet, choose a portrait, and let our classically-trained artists create a custom oil portrait for the whole family to treasure.