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No matter where we live, we all live in countries that have been shaped by conflicts and defended by the bravest among us. The men and women of our militaries stand by us and defend our freedoms year in, year out. For those who want to celebrate the service of a friend, colleague or loved one, Nobilified's military painting galleries provide just what you need.

There are plenty of occasions to create the gift of a unique portrait for the person in your life who serves in uniform. In North American terms, Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day and Memorial Day in the United States are of course some of the most widely-known and prominent, but there's also Canadian Armed Forces Day north of our shared border and a nearly year-round calendar of commemorative months and days south of it. And of course there are a plethora of such celebrations in nations around the world.

They're all worthy occasions to think on the sacrifices that people in uniform make on behalf of the protection and security of their fellow-citizens. A personalized portrait from Nobilified can be an excellent way to show that you recognize the servicemen and -women in your life, and appreciate all that they do.

It's as simple as browsing one of our galleries, perhaps picking out a symbolic and epic selection from our Knight, Warriors or Mythology collections, uploading a photo and getting our professional artists to put our painting-from-photographs process to work for you. You'll receive your own one of a kind military painting that expresses your feelings about the excellence of those who serve.