Commission a Custom Oil Portrait of Your Pet as Royalty

Some of us love pets so much that we are happy to call them part of the family. They are beautiful companions who don't talk but express themselves through actions which makes us develop a deep affection with them. There is no better way to show love than to commission a pet portrait to decorate your walls.

Our nobilified pet portraits gives your beloved furry friend royalty status by adding his face to a painting of a king, queen, princess, Viking, and pirate. The uniqueness of the painting is that it personifies your animal by including a human figure. Besides, it breaks the monotony of painting the whole image of the pet.

If you want to skip the hassle involved in maintaining your pet in a still position for drawing, you can have it done by partnering with the professionals. We offer quality, hand-painted, royalty pet portraits using authentic work materials to ensure we stick to the details in the reference photograph.

Reasons for Commissioning a Pet Portrait

In the past, people used different means to portray and record how different objects or individuals looked like. Commissioning an artist was one of the popular means of expressing your love for a person or thing in a single portrait. Today, most people choose to hire a professional artist to paint their favourite pet, and they do this because of many reasons which include the following:

Love for the Animal

To spend your time and money selecting the appropriate photo for painting and having the final masterpiece on your wall indicates that you're deeply in love with your dog or cat. People go through different situations with their pets and have touching stories to tell. That is why most pet owners decide to have a lasting, hand-painted portrait of their beloved animal. Additionally, the painted piece serves as a reminder of the good times, even after he passes on (of course with a pang of royalty to it).

Gorgeous Interior Décor

When you want to purchase a home, one of the critical factors to consider is the flexibility and versatility of the interior when it comes to decorative features like wall arts and portraits. And while you are at liberty to enter interior décor store and purchase any picture, you can choose to have something out of the ordinary: A painted portrait of your pet. Apart from the fact that you'll have access to original oil paint, having your pet's picture painted on canvas has deeper value than purchasing just any other animal painting from a local store.

A Great Addition to the Family Album

Many families have different paintings and portraits of relatives and family friends from the past. Although you may not be familiar with them, their paintings on the wall bring an emotional connection. Similarly, by having your pet's portrait done, you can make it part of your family album which your son and grandsons will be glad to have.

Custom Artwork

Technological tools offer great convenience as you can work with all sorts of animal pictures to produce a portrait. However, adding the face of a pet to a royalty painting may pose a challenge even when you use a laser printer. With a commissioned artist, the piece will have a human touch. You'll also find an interesting aspect to the way an artist interprets the artwork.

When is the Right time for a Pet Portrait?

When you want to commission a pet portrait, anytime is a perfect moment for that. Nonetheless, you can hire an artist to do the painting as a gift during Christmas, Valentine's, the pet's birthday or during a special occasion that calls for a special gift to someone. Also, you can present a commissioned pet painting for a friend or relative who has recently lost their pet.

A guide to Commissioning a Pet Portrait

If you are a new-comer in the world of commissioned pet paintings, here is a simple guide to help you achieve the desired final piece.

Select your Preferred Photo

You have the option of browsing through our large selection of paintings, or you can choose your own. If you select to have your own, look for a photo that brings your pet's real character.

Think About the Size

As you ponder on this, you also should consider the space where you'll place it, and how it blends with other decorative features in the room. Remember that the end-piece will be a few inches bigger due to the added frame.

Payment Policy

Our rates range from $180-$1,000 depending on the size of the royalty pet portrait you require. We have a consumer-friendly payment policy that offers the convenience of using your credit card, PayPal, or stripe.

Date of Delivery

Once you make an order for a commissioned pet painting, we will send you a photo to approve after 2-2 ½ weeks. The shipment timeframe takes between 5-14 days depending on whether the piece is rolled or framed.