Luxury Villas Offer Guests Oil Paintings of Themselves to Take Home as Holiday Keepsakes

Villa de Campo in the Dominican Republic has teamed up with Nobilified to create a unique art and hospitality experience.  Guests will be given the opportunity to have custom oil portraits of themselves painted as keepsakes of their holiday.

Nobilified and Villa de Campo have partnered up to offer their customers a unique art and hospitality experience. A selection of luxurious villas offered by Villa de Campo for rent come with hand-painted portraits of each guest, which are hung throughout the Villa during their stay.

Located in La Romana, Dominican Republic; Casa de Campo is no strange to luxury. This prestigious Resort spreads over 7,000 acres, featuring three award-winning golf courses, a clay pigeon shooting center, an equestrian center, tennis courts, pools, and restaurants, as well as 1,700 private villas populating the resort, some of which are available for rent. Villa de Campo specializes in giving customers prompt and personalized service for vacation rentals in the resort. Whether it’s understanding your needs and recommending homes to stay in or helping you book a personal chef or schedule your activities, Villa de Campo is stepping up the meaning of the saying “the customer is king”.

With this partnership with Nobilified, Villa de Campo adds an extra touch of personalization to one’s holiday—and we aren’t talking about personal chefs or yacht rentals. Nobilified, which creates hand-painted oil portraits of its customers as royalty will be using its inspiration to paint memories of holidays for guests to keep. The paintings will be inspired by the nature of the trip, whether a romantic couple retreat, a golf trip with boys, or a family holiday; Nobilified’s classically trained artists will paint the guests prior to their arrival, according a certain theme, and have the pieces hung throughout the villa during their stay. Guest then get to take the pieces home after their stay.

The Nobilified special aims capture memories in the world of art.  Chris Jensen, the founder of Nobilified, says, “Our aim is to capture one’s memories in art. We want guests of the villas to remember all the small things that made their holiday one to remember. When they get home, they will hang the piece, and each time they look at the piece, they will remember their holiday. We think that is special.”

Nobilified is dedicated to revolutionizing the art world. Nobilified believes that while not everyone may have the artistic skills required to paint a masterpiece, everyone possesses an intuitively creative mind. At Nobilified, customer dreams and fantasies are transformed into actual works of art, which can proudly displayed in any home, dorm, office, cabin, yacht, or even a swanky Chateau. Everyone has an artistic side, and everyone sees the world in their own unique way. Nobilified wants this diversity to make an imprint on the course of art history by immortalizing customers’ wildest dreams.

In addition to providing high quality oil paintings, Nobilified wants to change the way people perceive art, by making it fun and accessible, thus giving customers the opportunity to share or gift a unique custom made oil painting with friends and family. No longer will having an oil painting of oneself hanging above the chimney be out-of-reach. This privilege used to be reserved for the upper tiers of society, but, now, it is shared with everyone, even if they are not knighted. A unique, hand-painted, oil-on-canvas work of art can add a touch of grandeur to any living quarters.