Nobilifieds unique historical portraits help users gain an enviable air of mystery and stand out on Internet dating sites.

Tinder can be a minefield or a goldmine. You're either a pro on it or you're not. When it comes to dating profile pictures, certain stereotypes come to mind: the bathroom selfie or Machu Pichu landmark photo for women and the shirtless selfie or the hunting/fishing photo for men. At its most primal level, tinder is a superficial app where you are rated purely based off appearance. Tinder Expert White Panda cautions that though these stereotypical photos are thought to make the user seem exciting and desirable, they instead allow one to get lost in the crowd. One man, John found himself in such a predicament when he decided to try out Tinder after a breakup. 

As per a friend’s advice, John browsed quickly through women’s profiles, but says that, “despite swiping on everyone, I got very few matches.” He quickly realized that he needed to do more to stand out from the crowd of topless bathroom selfies.  He decided to use a photo of himself taken over summer in which he was smoking a cigar and reading Darwin’s Theory of Evolution while posing with a self-portrait of himself as Napoleon.

“The difference was night and day. Suddenly, women would message me first. Since then I use the same picture and the results keep coming in.”

White Panda believes the reason John is receiving so much attention is because his “display pic displays several factors that women find highly attractive.” Firstly, the use of such a portrait hints at the user’s artistic side: “having a painting of yourself will make women imagine if you deal in art or roll in artistic circles; they will wonder why you are so important to require a painting of yourself.” he explains.



When asked what his favorite pick up line to date has been, John says, “I had a girl ask me if I was short like Napoleon. I told her that not everything about me was small. It didn’t work out but it was worth it.” White Panda explains that such a unique portrait adds a healthy dose of mystery to one’s profile photo; women will feel the irresistible urge to swipe right and satisfy their curiosity. 

“A hand painted portrait gives you value and makes you stand out in a subtle manner,” suggesting that Nobilified may just be the dating profile solution for getting noticed.




Nobilified is dedicated to revolutionizing the art world. Nobilified believes that while not everyone may have the artistic skills required to paint a masterpiece, everyone possesses an intuitively creative mind. At Nobilified, customer dreams and fantasies are transformed into actual works of art. Everyone has an artistic side, and everyone sees the world in their own unique way. Nobilified wants this diversity to make an imprint on the course of art history by immortalizing customers’ wildest dreams.

Nobilified also wants to change the way people perceive art, by making it fun and accessible. Giving customers the opportunity to share or gift a unique custom made oil painting with friends and family. No longer will having an oil painting of oneself hanging above the chimney be out-of-reach. This privilege used to be reserved for the upper tiers of society, but, now, it is shared with everyone, even peasants. A unique, hand-painted, oil-on-canvas work of art can add a touch of grandeur to any living quarters.


August 22, 2017 by Angela D.