A classically trained artist has recreated historical painting ‘The Nightmare’ – replacing the Incubus demon with controversial American presidential candidate Donald Trump. Profits from prints of the painting will go towards Rainn, a charity dedicated to rape, sexual assault and incest.


‘The Nightmare’, painted by Andrew Fuseli in 1781, depicts a sleeping woman with an Incubus demon sat on top of her. The classic painting has been reimagined with Donald Trump, the controversial American presidential candidate who has recently been accused of being sexually derogatory towards women.


The reworked piece of art has been renamed ‘Every woman’s nightmare’.


You can see the final version of the artwork on this blog post here, where prints are also available to buy here.


The painting was commissioned by quirky painting gift site, Nobilified.com, based in Canada, to coincide with the upcoming American presidential election on the 8th November. The piece is completely hand painted by a classically trained artist and took more than a week to complete.


Donald Trump, a father to two daughters, was recorded boasting about groping women and that ‘when you’re a star…you can do anything’. In response to this, profits from prints of the painting will be donated to Rainn, a charity dedicated to helping victims of rape, sexual assault and incest.


In the painting, Donald Trump is depicted as the Incubus, with the original body. However the creature is sporting one of his famous facial expressions that is often shared online in memes. Every other aspect of the painting has been kept the same, including the victim and the horse.


An Incubus is a demon that takes male form and preys on women according to mythology.


Nobilified.com specialise in replicating classic hand painted portraits with a modern twist. Customers can have their own faces painted on to any existing portrait, with examples including the Mona Lisa, American Gothic and Joan of Arc.


The Canadian art website works with a number of classically trained artists, who each hand paint on to canvases of varying sizes, to then be shipped worldwide.


Chris Jensen, founder of Nobilifed.com said,


“I don’t think there’s one person on this planet that hasn’t heard of Donald Trump and his outrageous comments. With the election coming up we wanted to highlight his controversial comments the best way we know how – and ‘The Nightmare’ seemed liked the perfect painting.


“We will be selling prints of ‘Every woman’s nightmare’ to raise funds for Rainn, a very suitable charity considering the recent revelations about Trump. The original painting will be sent to the White House for the new President to enjoy whether that is Hillary or The Donald!”

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.