Here's Lookin' At You: Glamour Goddesses of Vintage Art

When we think about Nobilified's vision of picture to canvas painting -- to put people in touch with themselves at their most heroic, their most compelling, their most funny and playful and beautiful -- there are certain particular kinds of art that come to mind.

The way the iconic art of American pop culture incarnates this vision can be summed up in one word: glamour. The glamour of the silver screen, for instance: of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, the perfectly lit image and the unforgettable line. "Here's lookin' at you, kid." But glamour goes a long way beyond the movies. It was a mainstay of poster art and magazines, too: those twin primal forces of the pin-up and the pulp.

Two of the best creators of these art forms were the painters Gil Elvgren and Robert G. Harris. They are both well represented in our gallery of portrait paintings. Each of them, in their own way, offers a unique and distinctive take on women's portraits. Their styles helped shaped vintage images of beauty and mystique as we know it today.

Take custom paintings from photos that use Gil Elvgren's work as a base. Elvgren belonged to a tradition of the pin-up girl as part girl-next-door and part girl-of-yout-dreams that went all the way back to the 1880s. The iconic women of his cheesecake portraits didn't just come from his imagination, either; they were based on real models, precisely costumed and posed and meticulously rendered onto the canvas. In an interesting way, combining modern selfies with his work is just Nobilified bringing the art full circle.

Robert G. Harris was just as prolific and successful, but his work was a little different. An early painter of Doc Savage covers, his best-known work portrayed a universe of thrill and drama and beautiful people doing unlovely things. This was the world of pulp, for more than seventy years the gateway to high adventure for millions of readers, and the source code for everything from crime thrillers to superhero movies to Star Trek.

In our portrait galleries, you can choose portraits for your picture-to-canvas painting that contain more than a few examples of the strong, compelling and vibrant women of Harris' pulp art. There are pensive beauties, winsome girls and film noir-worthy femmes fatale.

Whether you're looking for ultra-feminine beauty or the magnetism of pulp heroines, Nobilified is the company whose canvas painters will bring your face right into the most iconic of America's glamour traditions. Just upload your selfie, pick a painting and become the latest of many satisfied customers who proudly sport our professional paintings on their walls!

If you're keen to step out in style with Gil Elvgren, or to join the vivid and dramatic characters that came from Harris' brush, then you're ready to explore just a couple of the many options for custom paintings from photos from Nobilified. Make sure to check out our galleries and discover just how diverse your choices really are!