We are happy to share that the great guys at Coolmaterial.com has showed appreciation of what we do at Nobilified. 

As their name suggests, coolmaterial.com is a place to find cool stuff of all kinds. The website is mainly targeting men and is their love for new and interesting products.

Here are some of the things they wrote about us:
“Contrary to what our parents told all of us the entire time we were growing up, we’re not all little princes and princesses. But don’t let the fact that there isn’t noble blood running through those veins dissuade you from getting a sweet oil portrait of yourself commissioned through Nobilified.

Pick a background/setting/theme for your portrait (Emperors, Knights, Maharajas, Napoleon wearing Jordans and brandishing an M16, you name it), upload a clear image of your face, pick your portrait size and then wait 10-14 days for it to get painted. We’d be lying to you if we told you we haven’t thought about having an oil of ourselves commissioned at one point or another, but we had no idea it could be done for as little…”


August 22, 2017 by Angela D.