At Nobilified, we like to do things outside the box. We got in touch with Jesse and Kong who run the Youtube chanel Simple Pick up and had 2 beautiful hand oil paintings made for the duo. Basically Jesse and Kong teach socially awkward guys how to gain confidence and socialize. We decided to paint Jesse as a Maharaja and Kong as a knight in shinning armor. The boys loved their custom canvas paintings. All they had to do was send us photos of their faces and we created two unique painting from photographs.  Jesse and Kong do not take themselves seriously and are all round great lads. The two personalized oil painting appear at the minute and a half mark. After 2 days, the video reached 130,000 views. Its definitely worth the watch. Click on the link below to watch and give them a subscribe! Or maybe order yourself your very own custom oil painting from photo!

August 22, 2017 by Angela D.