Amidst the Instagram uproar over Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Sofia Richie, a classically trained artist has recreated an historic painting depicting Thetis and Jupiter in order to celebrate the model’s 18th birthday and the couple’s budding relationship. Thetis represents model Sofia Richie and Jupiter, teenage heart throb Justin Bieber.


“Jupiter and Thetis”, painted by Jean August Dominique Ingres in 1811, depicts Thetis begging Jupiter to save the fate of her son Achilles, embroiled in the Trojan war. 


In the modern adaptation of the painting, both Justin and Sofia are partially draped in fabric with Justin Bieber sitting on a marble throne, modelling his classically swept blonde hair with most of his tattoos on display as well as his acoustic guitar which he uses to woo his legions of beliebers. Sofia kneels and caresses Bieber’s chin as she seeks his attention. Featured, floating in the sky amongst the clouds, is Bieber’s first love, Selena Gomez, who has been acting as a guardian angel for Bieber’s fans while simultaneously being the catalyst for Justin deleting his Instagram account.


Nobilified founder, Chris Jensen said “ Through his music and good looks, Justin has become a god to many young girls around the world. However, this has not stopped him from being harassed on social media by his own legion of fans who have shown to be aggressive as he expresses his new love interest. While many see Bieber as untouchable, deleting his Instagram account of 77.8million followers shows just how cyber bullying can affect us all.”


Both Bieber’s and Jupiter’s power are difficult for women to resist.  Unlike Jupiter, Bieber made a decision to protect his girlfriend and relationship instead of continuing to receive the simultaneous adoration and condemnation of his female fans via social media. This makes him more likable than Jupiter and, more empathetic than any past version of himself.


“At Nobilified, we thought about which historical portraits best captured the energy between these two love birds and the complications brought about from their past relationships. We wanted to depict the severe contrast between the grandeur, might and majesty of the supreme olympian male deity, Jupiter, in comparison with the delicate and seductive presence of the female nymph beside him. Demonstrating that in this young relationship, Bieber holds all the marbles.









August 22, 2017 by Angela D.