Paintings Portraits .- Taking the Google Arts and Culture Selfie App to the Next Level: Custom Oil Portraits of yourself

Last month, the Google Selfie App, which allows users to find their art doppelganger, took the world by storm, with people around the world matching their faces to paintings; and while some individuals found similar paintings, others were left with mediocre results. For anyone who wants to take their selfie to the next level, Nobilified creates custom oil portraits at an affordable cost.

Technology has changed the way individuals interact with art. Earlier this year, Google’s Arts and Culture app added a new feature that allowed users to upload their image and get matched with a painting hanging in one of the museums around the world that looks like them.  This feature became incredibly popular, inspiring people around the world to find their artistic doppelganger. Unfortunately for most people, purchasing those specific doppelganger portraits is out of reach or downright impossible.  People who want to take their artistic selfie to the next level can do so with custom hand painted oil portraits transposing themselves in famous oil paintings of the past.

Some of Nobilified’s most popular portrait to painting works include: “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”—popular with lawyers, doctors, and tech moguls; “American Gothic”—popular as a wedding gift or gift for a couple; and “Hercules and Cerberus”—popular with people who want a painting for their bro’s.   Oil portrait selfies don’t have to stop with humans; pet owners have started memorializing Mittens as Napoleon—because we all know cats have the real power of and run of the manor—and Balou Blue as Jon Snow for a those game of throne lovers out there.

There are a few key differences between the app and a painting from Nobilified, beyond the obvious creation of a piece of art to hang in your home, instead of just a picture on a screen:

  1. Users are limited only to paintings that look like them with the app.  With Nobilified, patrons may choose any classical painting—or even modern painting or theme.
  2. Users are limited to portraits of themselves and cannot include spouses and pets.  With Nobilified, depending on which painting you choose, spouses, children, and pets may be included.
  3. Arguably much less high-tech than Google’s Arts and Culture Face Match app, Nobilified combines modern demands with classic production methods.  Nobilified’s classically trained artists will take patrons’ selfies and turn them into a unique, hand-painted masterpiece, fit for the walls of any museum or private manor.


For patrons who are happy with their doppelganger portrait, Nobilified can hand paint the piece and touch it up to look even more like them.

Chris Jensen, the founder of Nobilified, says, “Our portraits are highly customizable.  We can make the portrait look much more like the person in the ‘selfie’ than an app is able to, and there is a lot more room for personal taste and customization than something that is automatically generated.”  Jensen adds, “Besides, it’s a lot more fun to have an oil portrait of yourself hanging in your house—or manor—as a talking piece that is certain to spark conversation with and laughs from your guests than an image on a phone.”


Nobilified's oil portrait from photo are dedicated to revolutionizing the art world. Nobilified believes that while not everyone may have the artistic skills required to paint a masterpiece, everyone possesses an intuitively creative mind. At Nobilified, customer dreams and fantasies are transformed into actual works of art, which can proudly displayed in any home, dorm, office, cabin, yacht, or even a swanky Chateau. Everyone has an artistic side, and everyone sees the world in their own unique way. Nobilified wants this diversity to make an imprint on the course of art history by immortalizing customers’ wildest dreams.