Not enough time to commission the portrait? Not sure what to get the giftee? Looking for something for all the family? The perfect stocking stuffer? A gift for your office raffle? Look no further! Our gift cards will transform into something unique and memorable.


Purchase a gift certificate
Nobilified makes for excellent gift no matter what the occasion! With our gift certificates you can let your friends select the painting of their dreams! Simply select the amount and checkout. Rest your mind knowing that you have gotten your close ones a ridiculously memorable gift. We recommend certain packages to make it better. Select our hand painted 40x50cm framed painting

How to redeem a gift certificate

  1. You need your unique gift certificate code, which is written on the gift certificate that was emailed to you as an attachment. 
  2. Browse the store and add items to your cart as you normally would.
  3. Click the ‘View Cart’ link to view the contents and press ‘Checkout’.
  4. In the first step of the checkout, enter your gift certificate code in the ‘Redeem Gift Certificate’ field and click ‘Apply certificate’.

Unique gift card ideas.

If you could be anyone, at any time in history, who would you be? Get a friend or family member to answer that question today, and get them a unique gift card from Nobilified.

The Nobilified vision is all about putting yourself in the frame in any role your heart desires. Upload a photo, pick a portrait from our galleries. You get a customized masterpiece for your wall at your home or office, or (now) a unique gift card for your wallet. Do you want to be:

  • An Emperor, standing tall in your regalia and looking impressive for posterity?

  • Perhaps a Royal lady of the Middle Ages, complete with crown?

  • A hero out of Mythology taming terrible monsters for the good of civilization?

  • An iconic Pin-Up Model who defines the meaning of beauty?

All of these choices and many more are available as source portraits for gift card ideas like nothing you'll find on the shelves at a store. You get to craft your custom portrait concept and approach it any way you want. A touch of humour and whimsy to make your friends or colleagues smile might be just the thing, or an inspirational project to provide a reminder of the heroic heights you can scale in your own life. As a gift it can celebrate graduation with your friend or loved one's face above a scholar's robes, or it can pay homage to the charm and innocence of a favourite son or grandson, niece or nephew with one of our children's portraits. You can select themes from Religion or classical Mythology, or modern images full of dash and panache. The choice is entirely yours.

Whatever you choose, you can count on the classically trained artists of Nobilified to deliver custom portrait gifts that you'll enjoy giving, and that your friends and loved ones will love to receive.