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Losing a beloved pet, like losing any family member, is never easy. If you want to celebrate their life, and all the wonderful moments they brought to your life, or if you have a friend or loved one who's currently memorializing a departed four-legged friend, Nobilified provides beautiful choices for pet memorial gifts.

There is so much to appreciate about our animal companions, from their unconditional love to their sheer adorability. We always want to hold on to the best moments of our time with them, and remember them as joyful and full of life. With our pet galleries, these kinds of memorials are as easy to assemble as simply choosing a portrait, uploading a photo of your pet, and getting the professional artists of Nobilfied to create a unique custom pet portrait painting that expresses your feelings and remembers how your loved pet made the world just a little bet better by their presence.

Our dog portraits, for example, come in many different forms and feature a wide range of breeds. The collection includes iconic images from famous dog painters and provides representation for dogs from Boston terriers to Golden Retrievers, Siberian Huskies to Greyhounds, German Shepherds to Shih Tzus and many more.

With a broad selection of poses, moods and styles to draw from, we're sure you'll find an image that's just right for creating the unique gifts for pet loss that fit your situation and the character and memory of any pet. Browse our pet portrait galleries today and find out how Nobilified creates and delivers the perfect personalized memorial gifts for pets.