How it works

If you find yourself here, it is because you clicked on our link on TikTok. 

At Nobilified we make hand painted oil portraits of customers as Royalty. We have been making these paintings for a while and have made them for many famous people. Lately, we have been thinking of how to have fun while still promoting ourselves. We ended up creating TikTok effects that have been used in thousands of videos gardening millions of views. 


We want to do things a little different. Use our TikTok effects in your funny videos and we will send you a digital portrait of yourself. make a really funny and we will send you a t-shirt with your face on it. Stand out and we may just send you a framed hand painted oil painting of yourself as Napoleon or Joan of Arc crossing the Alps. 


Nobilified has been creating filters on TikTok. Use them in your videos, tag us and we will send you a free digital portrait of yourself as Napoleon or Mona Lisa. The choice is yours. It isn't the same as our hand painted oil portraits but hey, it is free! Find us on TikTok & find our latest effects!


If you have already made a video, go here to place an order for your free digital portrait. It is free. Simply select the painting of your choice, upload a photo of yourself and we will email you a digital painting of you within a few days.